Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Lunch Making Time Again!!!

Check out these ideas to help you with the task all parents LOVE (not!)


Sunday, August 21, 2016

Books on empathy

Don't we all want accepting and empathetic children who will develop into kind, accepting, empathetic adults. It all starts now. No one is born being narrow-minded, prejudiced or unkind...let's keep them as wonderfully accepting  and open-minded as when they were infants.


Saturday, August 20, 2016

Hold onto this idea for Advent!
why not extend this idea and have monthly collections!

Helping children cope with emotions

I found this poster regarding helping children handle emotions. It is printable. Looks like it would be a nice visual as you help your child learn to cope ...today, tomorrow and always!

Poster for helping children cope with emotions

75 books that help build character

Books that build character...click "character books" below

character books

Friday, August 19, 2016

Read Aloud Handbook

 I read Jim Trelease's book years ago. For years, I read to my daughters and husband at bedtime. Sure, many of you read with your children. I continued read ing to my family until my daughters were teenagers. Today my daughters and husband love reading. I firmly believe reading aloud as a family aids reading enjoyment, various readng skills, and is an excellent family bonding activity...try it!

 Read Aloud Handbook, by Jim Trelease

Saturday, October 1, 2011


The most amazing job….
Your tiny baby needs lots of hugs.
Rock her …hold her….she won’t be spoiled! And…
Cherish the moments.
Your toddler must be allowed to make decisions.
Only appropriate for the age…limits are important, and…
Cherish the moments.
Pre-school …patience, explain, pause, laugh, listen, answer every question, and…
Cherish the moments.
School days start.
Encourage friendships, tell her to be a good friend, teach her to treat others as she wants to be treated, and…
Cherish the moments.
School days continue. Be there for her. Guide her.  Support her. Listen to her. Love her no matter what, and…
Cherish the moments.
Pre teen years are confusing for everyone. Be strong. Be supportive. Let make decisions within limits, and …
Cherish the moments.
Teen years can be challenging. Listen. Listen. Listen. Love her especially on the rough days! Hold her with an open hand….and…
Cherish the moments.
College ….you gave her roots now give her wings! …and…
Cherish the moments.
Cherish the memories.
Barbara Filar

Sunday, September 11, 2011

I love this...

from Eliot Wigginton:
We teach, and at the same time allow ourselves to be taught by those we teach. We talk, and at the same time, listen. We experience the world anew through another's eyes. And therein lies the secret of renewal. It comes, in part, from allowing students some of the same positive energy we try to put out into our lives. We refuel each other.